What to pack for a backpacking trip to the UK

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Visiting a country is one of the most fun experiences out there, but backpacking through it is a true adventure. It’s often said that backpacking is for travellers, not for tourists.
If you really want to discover a new place, to feel its true essence, then backpacking is the way to do it. You’ll get the chance to interact with people and familiarize yourself with the local customs so you will feel more connected to their culture and lifestyle. Backpacking offers you a deeper understanding of what you see, meaning that you won’t just visit, but truly experience the places in the most authentic way.
Backpacking gives you a sense of freedom and fearlessness, but if you want to embark on this kind of adventure, you must plan everything thoroughly, starting with the things that you have to pack.
The first thing on the list is your documentation. Obviously, you need to have your passport or ID, and depending on where you come from you might also need proof of a visa. Make some copies of the documents and don’t forget your flight details, travel tickets, cards and money either.
Next, you need a quality backpack, the right size to hold all your travel essentials. One of the biggest mistakes people make is taking to many clothes with them and that’s where most of the weight comes from. Keep in mind that you’ll be carrying your backpack with you all the time, so you have to pack light or else travelling will become a tiresome nightmare. You should choose clothes depending on the season, but since the weather in the UK is quite changeable, pack both light and warm clothing. Take a few tops/shirts and pants with you, preferably in dark colours. A pair of jeans is very practical too. For colder weather, it’s better to put on some layers (shirt, sweater, fleece) rather than a bulky coat. You should also consider taking a rain jacket with you (if not, take an umbrella). Of course, don’t forget a few pairs of quick-drying socks and underwear.
It’s crucial to have a pair of comfortable shoes for all the walking you’ll be doing. Choose a sturdy pair of leather sneakers or some hiking shoes if you’re going to walk on rough terrain. A pair of flip-flops is also necessary for the showers.
A hat and gloves for cold days are essential and a pair of sunglasses is good for any season. The sun does shine in the UK.
Toiletries should be kept to a minimum. Take a hanging toiletry bag and pack your toothpaste, toothbrush, travel-size bottles of shampoo/body wash, deodorant, sunscreen, toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Also, take some laundry soap and a quick-drying towel. Some minimal first-aid supplies can also come in handy.
Don’t forget your electronics, but most importantly don’t forget your power strip and power bank. A plug adapter is just as important because the UK has different outlets.
Last but not least, pick up some travel insurance and you’re good to go.

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