Three Compelling Reasons to Choose MDF Architrave and Skirting

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Although skirting boards and architrave used to be made from hardwood, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that nowadays, the most popular material has become MDF. In this article, we examine the benefits of MDF architrave and skirting boards over the more traditional real wood alternatives.

  1. MDF is much less likely to crack or warp than wood.


One of the most important advantages of choosing MDF architrave is that this material is extremely moisture and temperature resistant. Real wood, on the other hand, tends to react to temperature and environment by contracting or expanding, which can lead to ruining the joints and the overall aspect.


The MDF that is generally used to make skirting and architrave is an industrial grade material, built to endure high levels of moisture, making it a perfect choice for places like kitchens or bathrooms.


  1. MDF skirting and architrave is easier to control as it comes in many different sizes.


Being a man-made material, MDF can be manufactured in sheets that have any size. As a result, skirting specialists can supply architrave and skirting in many different standardized lengths. The benefit of having various standard sized lengths is that when a client estimates the amount of skirting that they need for their house, they are able to fully control where the joins are placed. For instance, if you are currently looking to install architrave and skirting boards with the absolute minimum number of joins possible, and the wall that you are working on is 3.8 meters long, the good news is that you can order a 4.2 meters skirting and you can do the job without making any additional joins.


When it comes to timber, you should know that products that are made from natural wood are normally sold by the meter. Therefore, you have much less control when it comes to joins.


  1. MDF is smoother and therefore much easier to paint.


Because it lacks natural imperfections like splinters or knots, MDF is extremely easy to paint. Furthermore, real wood often has an inconsistent surface color and it needs lots of coats of paint for an optimal coverage. The natural imperfections that are commonly found in wood have a darker color than the rest of the material, so in order to hide them; you will have to apply extra coats of paint, which will cost extra money. With MDF you will get a smooth and flat surface and it will be much easier for you to cover it with paint evenly and much faster.


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