Staying in hostels while travelling: pros and cons

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Hostels are very popular among low budget tourists looking for a way to save some money on their trip. This type of accommodation is often associated with backpackers or students who can’t afford the cost of a hotel room. Basically, hostels are low-budget accommodations that offer dorm-style facilities.
To give you an idea of what it’s like to stay in a hostel while travelling, let’s analyse the pros and cons that come with it.
The biggest advantage of choosing to stay in a hostel is the low cost since you only pay for a bed instead of a room. Although the rates vary depending on the city you are visiting, staying in a hostel is much cheaper than booking a room at a hotel or B&B. That means you will have more money to spend on other fun activities.
Most hostels have fully equipped kitchens, so you don’t have to go out to eat unless you want to. You can cook your own meals and save some more money.
Hostels are ideal when you are travelling with a large group of friends. You and your friends can share a large room and feel like you’re in college again, and if you are still in college, the atmosphere will be familiar and just as fun. Who wouldn’t like a slumber party while travelling with friends?
Hostels give you the chance of meeting new people and making some connections. You’ll find a lot of interesting travellers from all over the world in hostels, many of them willing to make friends and share amazing travel stories and tips. There’s a special atmosphere that makes people interact easier and bond quicker. If you know how to choose the right one, a hostel can be a very interesting part of your travelling experience. Do some research, ask the locals or if you’re more adventurous get the help of an escort and your visit can run much smoother.
Life in a hostel is vibrant, there’s always something going on and you’ll feel like you’ve stepped right in the middle of the action. There are fun impromptu parties, people organizing excursions or other fun activities.
On the other hand, if you are looking for privacy and tranquillity, you won’t find that in hostels. When you share a room with other people, there’s not much personal space left. There’s nothing luxurious about a hostel, which is why they are so inexpensive.
Speaking of personal space, the bathrooms are also shared. There’s usually one bathroom on each floor so you’ll have to forget about long baths and pampering time and just settle for a quick shower.
Since you’ll be staying in a room with others, you might not like some of the roommates. Sharing a room with strangers can be quite scary and you might have an unpleasant experience. This also means there’s a higher risk of theft if the hostel doesn’t provide a locker or a safe where you can put your belongings.
Also, hostels have limited staff, so there’s not always someone to attend to you in case you have a problem.





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