Debunking 3 SEO Myths

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Everyone wants their websites to rank well in the SERPs for their keywords and niches and in the process of optimizing a website, they will probably be confronted with quite a few myths that might confuse them. Whether they opt for white hat, grey hat, or straight up black hat SEO, everyone is playing the same game marked by constant readjusting, tweaking, and updating websites in order to rank as high as possible.

 Technically, all forced attempts at improving your search engine results should be considered black hat, as they are inorganic and unnatural. According to Google Webmaster’s guidelines, all SEO experts should avoid using any techniques that are intended to improve a website’s rankings. And truth be told, that is exactly what SEO experts do.

So now that we know that our moral compass might be more confusing than we thought, let’s dig into the top 3 SEO myths that a lot of people still believe and that might not actually be correct.

Myth No. 1: The search engine ranking factors are public knowledge.

Wouldn’t that make our work so much easier? Knowing the ranking factors would be lovely, but when it comes to SEO, things are never that straightforward. So no matter what an SEO expert tells you, they can’t possibly know all the ranking factors because they are never publicly revealed. The best that we can do is making certain assumptions based on trial and error. What you must remember here is that no one knows exactly how things work.

Myth No. 2: The most important ranking factor is link building.

Saying that link building is the most important ranking factor would mean that the ranking factors could somehow be weighed or prioritized, which is wrong. Knowing which ranking factors are important would be great and useful, but it would also lead to everyone having the same digital marketing techniques in the exact same order, and where would that lead us? All ranking factors are important, and links are important too, but saying that they are more important than content or other factors is simply not correct.

Myth No. 3: Google is against Guest blogging

You could be forgiven for thinking that guest blogging is against Google’s terms of service because we all know how they enjoy being vague and confusing. Plus, we’ve noticed how, in the past, some of Google’s representatives could not agree on this topic. John Mueller and Max Cutts don’t really see eye to eye when it comes to guest blogging, so where does that leave us?

We think that guest blogging is not against Google’s ToS and that it can have several benefits such as getting valuable links and exposure. So, as with everything in the SEO industry, if you want to use guest blogging to your benefit, make sure you write high-quality blog posts that offer valuable information to the audiences, otherwise, you might get penalized.

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