Best budget hostels in London

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If you’re visiting London but don’t have a lot of money to spend, choosing a budget hostel as your accommodation can be the key to a successful trip. Hostels are not only for students as some might think. They’re great for backpackers and tourists looking for a cheap place to stay while travelling as well. Besides saving some money, you can also have a unique experience, one that you won’t get in a hotel or a B&B.
London has a wide choice of hostels that offer great value for money. Just keep reading and you’ll find some amazing options.
Wombats City Hostel – This is a great hostel for many reasons: it’s set in the city centre, so it’s close to a lot of interesting sights, the service is awesome, it has a kitchen and a bar on site and an excellent vibe. It’s the perfect combination of a cosy accommodation and a party and socializing spot. Beds start at £29/night during the busy season.
Palmers Lodge – Swiss Cottage – When you think about hostels, a Victorian mansion is not the first thing that comes to mind, but that’s where this hostel is located. Besides having a lot of character for a hostel, it’s also really cheap (beds around £20/night) and it has a bar and a nice common area. Although it’s not close to central London, it has great connections via the Underground.
No. 8 Willesden Hostel – Cheap and fun is how this hostel can be described. It’s a great place to stay if you want to save money on accommodation and spend it on partying. The bar & nightclub on site give it a buzzing atmosphere and the live music is a bonus. The hostel also offers self-catering and laundry facilities and great WiFi connection.
Via Limehouse – A bright, clean and cheap hostel in London’s East End is all you need for an amazing trip and that’s what Via Limehouse is. The place has a light and airy feel and rooms that are spacious enough so you don’t feel claustrophobic. There’s a bar and a cafe on site and the staff are always ready to help travelers with useful information.
Clink78 – This place has a reputation as being the best party hostel in London. The basement bar where everybody gathers for nighttime fun with lots of cheap booze and live music proves that its fame is well deserved. After some sightseeing and a wild party night, the late check-out time is a true blessing and to top it all off, they offer breakfast for just £2.
Astor Victoria – A great option for solo travelers, Astor Victoria is ideally located close to Victoria Station and Buckingham Palace. The hostel has a cafe and the breakfast is just £1. There’s also fast WiFi and towels for hire. The extremely friendly and helpful staff will even give you extras for free.

Many people think that a budget hotel is not a comfortable place to stay, which is in most cases completely false. For example, the locations we presented in this article are actually ultra comfortable and they even offer wedge pillows, which is an advantage that even expensive hotels don’t have. Wedge pillows are absolutely miraculous especially if you usually deal with back pains after a long journey.

Furthermore, for a pregnant woman, a pillow like this can be perfect so that she can highly relax and rest very well during the night. There are other benefits as well, which other types of pillow don’t offer. For example, wedge pillows help with heartburn, snoring, and sleep apnea. Due to their medium firmness and innovative shape, they can align your body so that you can highly relax and feel comfortable at all times.

All in all, if you visit London on a budget but you still want comfortable accommodation, then go for any of the locations we have recommended to you in this article. Now that you know where to find the best budget accommodation, you can pack your bags and start your trip.

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